Ginger Ale Springs

Ginger Ale Spring is one of the most unique springs in Florida. It’s mostly unknown, is largely unmaintained, and it receives few visitors.

  • Fifth-magnitude spring
  • The main pool is enclosed in a concrete wall, approximately 3.5 feet high and approximately 12 feet in diameter. Water discharges from the side of the concrete pool, and flows into a spring run leading to the Wekiva River.
  • There are often sand boils at the bottom of the spring.
  • There are large palm trees around the pool.
  • There is a strong sulfur smell in and around the spring.

Private Property

Ginger Ale Spring is located on a mixture of private and county-owned land, so permission is required for access. County officials discourage people from visiting.

History of Ginger Ale Spring

Ginger Ale Spring was once a popular spring, along with nearby Palm Spring, which was larger and used for swimming..  

In the early 1920’s the Beeman family bottled and sold the mineral-rich water bottled and sold for its alleged health properties.

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