King’s Spring

KING SPRING – Lat. 28° 52’ 54.19” N, Long. 82° 35’ 42.18” W (SW1⁄4 NE1⁄4 SW1⁄4 sec. 28, T. 18 S, R. 17 E).

The Kings Bay Springs Group is located in Kings Bay west of the city of Crystal River.

Directions: Coming into Crystal River from the north on US 19/98, King’s Bay can be accessed via numerous boat landings north and south of the Bay. King Spring is located on the south side of Banana Island in Kings Bay, just outside Crystal River.

King Spring is situated 85 ft (25.9 m) southwest of Tarpon Hole Spring. King Spring’s boil is visible on the bay surface.

The spring bottom around the vent is sand and limestone.

Water depth over the vent is estimated at 15 ft (4.6 m).

Water Clarity: The spring water is usually clear, but bay water influence sometimes causes limited visibility.

King Spring occupies a spring alcove on the south side of Banana Island in Kings Bay. Banana Island is completely forested.

Other springs in the same alcove include Tarpon Hole and Mullet’s Gullet.

King Spring, along with Tarpon Hole, is one of the most popular snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the area as encounters with manatees are frequent. However, the area surrounding these springs is closed off during certain months for manatee protection. King Spring is within the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.

King Spring is a first-magnitude spring. Access to King Spring is restricted during winter months to protect the manatee refuge, and ensure access to warm water, which is essential for manatee’s survival. Access is restricted from November 15 until March 31, although those dates can be changed due to cold weather.

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